Benefits of Jogging

Physical fitness is very important to Hong Kong Police officers. Fit officers are healthier, they live longer, take fewer sick days and are more able to fight crime and perform their duties better. Jogging is very encouraged for the HK officers and their families. Nowadays, with the development of technology there are a lot of great jogging strollers available on the market so even the newest members of police officer’s families can join in for a run. Besides making them more fit for the job, jogging has a number of other benefits:

  • Weight: management: it is commonly known that regular jogging helps to reduce unnecessary body fat. It does take time but the benefits are very clearly obvious to anyone who keeps jogging with sufficient regularity. Jogging is very energy consuming and therefore body burns a lot of fat to keep the body going. It does not take long to see benefits of jogging on one’s waist, even a few weeks is enough in many cases.
  • Health benefits: regular jogging is great for the entire body. All body systems work when you jog especially when you jog at high pace. Jogging is very beneficial for the heart, as it helps get it to run at an optimal rate (if it is monitored it of course). Muscles get toned with regular jogging and they get stronger and do not get tired as fast. Additionally, because jogging creates impact from hitting the ground with feed, it also helps to increase bone density which leads to lower risk of getting bone diseases.
  • Mental benefits: jogging helps brain release endorphins that improve mood and general mental well-being. It is not uncommon for regular joggers to get ‘jogging high’ after every run. No need to worry, there is nothing bad with this ‘high’. It is perfectly natural and highly beneficial for the entire body. Some studies even show that jogging can help people fight depression. It also helps joggers fight stress, which is particularly import for police officers and their families.
  • Moreover, jogging does not require any monetary investments. It is literally free for all. All you need is shoes and you are good to go jogging. This fact separates jogging from a lot of different sports. You can also jog in any place you want and it is very clear that jogging in a park on a warm summer evening is simply great. 

Knife Fighting and Self-Defense

Proper skills in knife fighting and self-defense against attackers armed with knives can go a long way to protecting police officers on duty. Unfortunately, it is not quite uncommon to see street criminals using knives against civilians and police officers. That is why Hong Kong Police Department needs to make sure that its officers are skilled in knife fights. In this post, we would like to talk about the basics of using knives for self-defense purposes.

knife self-defense and knife maintenanceBefore getting into knife fight basics, it is important to know that self-defense knives need to be properly maintained so that they can actually serve their purpose. It is important to sharpen knives regularly and properly. There are many knife sharpening tools available to keep the process quick and easy, some are manual and some are automatic. More information on knife sharpeners can be found in thematic sites online. Regardless of what knife sharpeners is preferred, the key to maintaining a a knife in good order it regularity of sharpening. Ideally, knives should be sharpened after every use.

Knife is an excellent weapon of melee fight and in skilled hands it can help change the course of fight with an enemy, even if the enemy is stronger than you. Because of its compact size, knife can be carried around very conveniently and quietly, and therefore is great for self-defense purposes. Many police and spec-ops forces around the world are using knives as their constant element of equipment and always carry them on missions. Instances when proper knife use can save a life or an offices are numerous.

One of the first things to learn when fighting with knives is to hold the weapon properly. There are two main methods of holding a knife: 1) with blade pointing up and 2) blade pointing down. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. With blade pointing down it is easier to hide it behind hand so your enemy won’t see it until you strike. With the reverse method, however, by displaying the knife you can scare your enemy and it can help to avoid a fight altogether.
After you learn how to hold a knife, it is important to learn to how use it for protection and only after that should striking technique be studies. Please remember that all practice sessions should be conducted with dull knives, to avoid risks and cuts and injuries. Also, it important to practice under supervision of a trained and certified instruction to ensure best results.

Hong Kong Police Archery Club


Hong Kong police has established an Archery Club almost three decades ago. The club helps promoting archery with both compound bows and traditional recurve bows. The club was organized by former and current police officers who were very interested in practicing and developing the sport. It took many years of hard work to get the club up and running and now it is one of the most prominent police clubs on the island with many dedicated club members.

hong kong archery clubEquipment

One of the most important elements of an archery club are the bows and the arrows. The club is doing well on this front. There are several models of recurve bows available to beginners and veteran archers are also very open to give guidance to those who want to purchase their own bow. It is always important to consult experienced bowmen before making a buying decision and also to check most prominent review sites, for example A Straight Arrow site. These are great sources of obtaining a lot of useful information and answers to a lot of questions novices may have. Once choice of the most suitable bow is made, they can be purchased in shops or online.


The Hong Kong Police Archery Club organized and participated in a number of Archery competitions and many of its members performed very well and won quite a few titles. Both male and female archers attend the club and sometimes even entire families compete in different categories. For example family of Sergeant Cheng Kin-hang of Hung Hom Division won several titles in the PAC competition. Sergeant’s wife and son both competed along with the head of the family and performed very well. This is just one example of a healthy-living and athletic families of Hong Kong police officers and there are many more.


Although archery does not have much practical applicability in police work nowadays, it works well to help officers develop skills that are very much valuable. Archery helps in developing patience and focus, which are very important to all people, but particularly so for policemen. It also helps to develop good aim and steady arm – skills that can save a police officer’s life in critical situations. In addition, archery helps increase strength of the upper body muscles, making archers stronger and fitter. Last but not least, participation in the archery club activities helps police officers get to know each other better and socialize outside of work.

The Police, Firefighters, Prison officers and the various other disciplinary personnel of Hong Kong are our everyday heroes